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Bill Nuttall



 Bill has been playing at events such as weddings, parades, funerals and other Scottish themed events for over 20 years. Over the past eight years, he have played over 250 individual performances across the eastern United States including the Carolinas, Ohio and Michigan.

 Adding to the celebration of a special day or providing a heartfelt send off for a loved one. is the key to understanding what Bill puts into every performance. There is nothing more nostalgic and evocative than the sound of the bagpipes. 


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Popular Bagpipe songs:

Scotland the Brave/Rowan Tree
Amazing Grace
Hector the Hero

Highland Cathedral
Flower of Scotland
The Gael
Loch Lomond
Skye Boat Song
The Black Bear/Highland Laddie
Mist Covered Mountains
The Atholl Highlanders
Scots Wha' Hae
Ye Banks and Braes
Scottish Soldier/The Battles O'er/Lochenside
Auld Lang Syne

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